Doorcraft is now a distributor for Midland Lead

Doorcraft is extremely excited to now be able to deliver and supply a wide variety of lead products for Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia’s diverse lead needs: from lead sheet, lead-lined doors and boards, ancillary lead products and lead-castings for Perth’s building, entertainment and medical industries.

Fact Sheets

MIDLAND-lead-logo-120Download fact sheets from the Midland Lead’s site here:

Doorcraft can supply the following Lead Products

Lead Sheet

Doorcraft can supply lead rolls as thin as 0.44mm (Code 1) and as thick as 3.55mm (Code 8), which makes it suitable for various applications such as weatherproofing, soundproofing, radiation shielding and roof flashing.

Our lead sheet is produced to EN Code Weights and is available in all standard flashing widths and lengths. In addition, we can produce special sizes of lead sheet upon request – ideal for bespoke buildings, soundproofing or radiation shielding.

Radiation Board

Doorcraft can now supply lead lined MDF, structural ply and Plaster board, in the following thickness’ 0.5mmPb(5kg per metre),1.0mmPb(10kg per metre),1.32mmPb(15kg per metre),1.8mmPb(20.4kg per metre),2.24mmPb(25.4kg per metre) 2.65mmPb(30.1kg per metre)3.15mmPb(35.7kg per metre)

Suitable for X-Ray rooms from OPG to Multislice CT rooms.

These products are also very useful when upgrading a CT to multislice in an existing CT room

Lead Doors

Doorcraft is Adelaide, Darwin and Perth’s finest supplier of lead lined doors in standard and non standard sizes.

Doors can also be fitted with a glass window for viewing.


Mobile Lead Screens

Doorcraft can customise, supply and repair mobile lead screens for x-ray applications. Excellent for Theatre, Chiropractic and Veterinary clinics.


Lead Casting

Doorcraft now also distributes Midland Lead casting. Whatever your needs we can help source the right lead product for you.

Boat keels, lift weights, sacrificial anodes, lead plugs etc.